Monday, December 10, 2012

Royally Excited!

Yes, I am hopping on the "Will & Kate are Pregnant" post-bandwagon!

I am a die-hard royal family chaser! Ever since, I was about 11-years old, I knew that Prince Harry was my soul-mate, um, major crush. But alas, I live in Illinois, and grew up in a cornfield, literally! So, the chances of me and Harry ever locking eyes across a pub was never gonna happen. Though I got pretty close to England when I went to Ireland, three years ago...

However, I did get my "Harry-look-a-like," best friend, and love of my life, Jon! So, I call it a win-win! (Another Halloween costume idea, I have: me and Jon to go as Harry & Kate! Scandalous!).

I think the obsession comes from one too many fairy tales, Disney movies, and being an American! We just don't have the history of a royal family. The First Family is a good but they don't last very long....Though I would totes love to chill with the Obama's! Give me a call, Barry!

Anyway, plus this goes back to my theory on what is happening here to the world with all these new babies being born!

But seriously, Kate, can I be your bestie? (I need your clothes and hair!) Or how about your baby-nanny? Yes?

Anyway, congratulations to everyone who's recently had a baby or who is expecting!

I wander what how gorgeous this kid will be?

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