Friday, August 22, 2014


No, I'm not on a food diet specifically but I am on a cash/spending diet! After moving, we have been really bad with spending. I believe its the first time ever that Jon and I have felt financially secure in our marriage. We went a little crazy with spending, not massive bucks but enough that I've put my self on a spending diet.

I'm been shopping and eating out way too much lately! I hate the guilt that follows me after making unnecessary purchases. I believe this is my upbringing, my parents didn't buy me everything I asked for and most certainly did not spend money frivolously, I was told no a lot.

Now, is the time to start knuckling down to save as much as possible! I've been buying things that are not necessary nor do we have room for them! So, I'm dreaming and planning for when we do get to the point where I can start in on decorating the house. I'm great at window shopping!

Tips for going on a Spending Diet:

1. Cash Budget - If I eat out or any extras I want, I must use cash which is also allotted like an allowance.
         - In the past, we usually have gone with $20 each per week. Whatever you don't spend rolls over.
         - Also, I have a Starbucks card and at the beginning of the month I load my card with $25 for the month, once its gone I have to wait until the next month to reload. This is a luxury, not a need!

2. Don't tempt yourself - If you know you'll be tempted to spend money just don't even go into the store unless you have a list or have blinders on!

3. Grocery Shopping - Plan menus and shop with a list based on that menu! Take your time! We mainly grocery shop at Kroger, and I use our Kroger Plus Card, it gives us Fuel Points and in store deals. I also like to shop at Aldi's for specific items like eggs, coffee creamer, bread.

4. Be countable - I feel better when Jon knows what purchases I have made either before or after. He knows when I'm going to shop and usually what I'm looking for or what my budget is. I feel this communication between us helps strengthen us because we are being open, honest, and considerate of the others opinion!

5. Learn to be content! This is probably the biggest hurdle we face. We are so fortunate to have a home and jobs that enable us to buy groceries and clothing. That we can have hot showers and hot meals each day!

Sometimes you'll slip up and others you'll do really well. This is what works for us, and just a few tips if you are looking to save but don't know where to start!

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