Monday, August 25, 2014


Saturday night Jon and I went to our first Corn Stock Theatre performance. Corn Stock is one of the many local theatre groups in our area. They are known for performing under the tent in the summer months aka its outside, in an open air tent.

They have a kid's summer camp that I actually participated in many, many years ago. I actually did it twice, the first time it was just 2 days of learning the basics of theatre and stage etiquette, costuming and they had us repaint the floor. The next time I did it it was a week long and we were divided into groups and each group rehearsed and practice a song and dance from a musical. I didn't quite enjoy that experience because I was the youngest in my group by a few years.

Anyway, one of the guys I work with gets season tickets with his wife every year and offered me their last ticket  few months ago before Jon had Saturday's off, luckily they were able to get an extra ticket so Jon could join us.

The musical was Monty Python's "Spamelot" aka the stage version of Monty Python's classic film, "The Holy Grail." I loved it, it is a great representation of the movie, including the most loved scenes from it! It made me truly miss being on stage (I can't sing so the musicals weren't for me but I loved the drama club in high school). The performance was wonderful and the talent was truly on par! The singing was great too!

I'm hoping that next year I will be able to go to a few more performances. I would love to really check out more of the local theatre groups and their performances in the future!

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