Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stuck in a Rut

Feeling stuck in a rut, again. For me its feeling all your energy moving but having no way to release it or having my ideas and wants being put on the back burning while working towards grown-up goals.

We are mostly settled at the new house and now begins the next leg of that process. We are going about this home unconventionally as my family already owns, we are already living in it and we have yet to buy it but we need to save up a down payment. Which leads to putting ideas and wants on hold to reach that grown-up goal.

Yes, we did sell our home in the city and yes we did walk away with some money, however almost all of that went to paying off debts. I don't want to go in to details but before we moved we were down to just house related debts aka the mortgage and a loan for the windows. Two years ago we took out a home equity loan and all 30 of the windows were replaced in the old house. Foolish? Maybe. Peace of mind? Totally worth it and we believe it was a massive selling point for us. And we exceeded our goal when selling, we wanted to break even but we actually came out with a little after everything was said and done.

Now, we are finally able to start putting more money away but that will mostly be going toward our next down payment. We've been unbelievable blessed in this whole process. I can't believe how much the Lord has protected and guided us and I am in awe. The next few steps are to become content with our new space as it is and keep giving the Lord control (I want to have the reins, so this is difficult) in all faucets of our life.

I read a great article yesterday on Momastery.com that really helped put this in perspective for me. It reminded me that even though myself and others may find areas of improvement for my home (I want new carpet and fresh paint, its a smaller house it won't cost that much to make it how I want it, right?), that I need to change my "perspectacles." I have home that we are better able to maintain and there are NO projects or remodels to be done! No bathroom upgrades, no 1950's kitchen with original oven! No roof leaks! There is no stress on my husband in this house!

When we have time together, it is time together not stressing over home repairs. We can focus on each other! And we finally have the same days off, still different shifts for work during the week but we have 2 full days every weekend! What another blessing!

So, when you feel stuck, what do you turn to? Do you turn to the world for comfort and drive yourself into a deeper rut or to the Father, where true comfort, peace, and contentment are really found?

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