Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I'm Not One...

Who normally gets into shows on TV however, I do get sucked in with reality shows but I never rearrange my life to make sure I don't miss them. It also helps that we live in an age of DVR but even as a kid I never was so obsessed with a show that my week would be ruined if I missed it. A few on the list of tried and true shows Rehab Addict (waiting for the new season to start in September) and a lot of TLC shows: The Duggar's, The Little Couple, Bride Day. Currently, as a couple we love watching Dirty Jobs marathons on Discovery.

Before moving one of Jon's requests for the new house was DirectTV (I'm not promoting them, its just what we have currently) and he wanted the movie channel package. And since then I have been sucked into a few shows.

I started the summer by getting sucked into Penny Dreadful on HBO via a Saturday night marathon leading up to the season finale the next night. I literally watched every episode but the finale in one evening. Very dark and disturbing. Why I thought this would be a good show to watch all alone, in a new house, I don't know.

The past few weeks my Tuesday night shows are Married at First Sight and B.O.R.N. to Style on the FYI channel. I've missed a few episodes of the Married at First Sight show, I forget its on because I try not to turn the TV on until I'm ready for bed, it comes on at 8:00 pm immediately followed by B.O.R.N. at 9:00 pm. I've only missed the the season premier of B.O.R.N., which I caught later. I love it and makes me wish I could have Jonathan and crew make over my wardrobe! And that I could handle living in the city so my style wouldn't look so out of place in a cornfield.

But the main obsession right now just started on Starz! It's called Outlander, only 2 episodes in and I'm hooked. Its based on a book series by Diana Gabaldon. I'm not so patiently waiting on the first book from the library!

Jon also is into a new show on Cinemax called The Knick, staring Clive Owen. It looks very interesting but definitely one that I'll watch with caution and will need to be in the right mood to make it through an episode. It's very graphic with surgery scenes.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Outlander and The Knick move forward into the fall and what shows we have to look forward too! Do you have any new shows or returning shows your obsessed with?

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